Thursday, June 27, 2013

Vintage Fair Curtain Dress

It was windy!

Last Sunday Mr. Starcross and me visited the Crikey! It's Vintage Fair in Killerton, which gave me the opportunity to finally make that Vintage-inspired dress I've been dreaming of making ever since I bought some left-over curtain material for 3 Euro at a charity flea market in Vienna. I love, love, love this fabric. It's so bright and the flowers look almost neon pink.

As with most of my handmade clothes these days I drafted the pattern myself. I've recently been obsessed with close-fitting kimono sleeve and bodice drafts. So I'm studying vintage drafting manuals to make up various kimono concoctions with gussets and inserts galore to give a fitted kimono look without compromising on arm movement. I mean it's always a plus when you can look good and move in what you are wearing :)

So this is my second study in gusseting and for you #nähnerds (= sewingnerds) out there I am, of course, providing you with a technical schematic of this design for your recreating pleasure.

Front Draft

Back Draft

This dress is super comfortable to wear. It feels fashionable but doesn't restrict movement in any way. Not too tight, not too loose. For the lining (unfortunately no pic there) I used a sheer and floaty and ultra-comfortable rayon material I sourced from an e-bay seller. I find it's difficult to find non-acetate lining locally and I just refuse to line breathable cotton dresses with a plastic lining. I mean you woudn't wear a plastic bin bag under your dress either, would you?

The lining is gorgeous but tough to work with and ended up stretching way out of shape. I just don't know how to tame those shear fabrics. Lining is always a troublesome matter. I guess that's why the stiff acetate is so popular.  

I leave you with this snippet of a feature on the Vintage Fair in Homes & Antiques, which captured me and Mr. Starcross doing our Jive moves. Can you find us?